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How to wear your backpack to avoid back injury

HOW TO  WEAR YOUR BACKPACK TO AVOID BACK INJURY  Jess took on the the 3 Capes track in Tasmania recently – she is an expert on backpacks   DECIDE ON ITS USE FIRST The first thing to consider when looking at backpacks is to think about what you are going to...

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Beat persistent Tennis Elbow – tendon month at Physiologic

Have a look at our latest Video on How to Beat Pesky Tennis Elbow It’s designed for people who have had tennis elbow that’s persisted for months and is giving them pain with Gripping Lifting Pulling  It shows you What tennis elbow is Where you will get...

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Biggest mistakes in management of muscle strains

Biggest mistakes in managing muscle strains: The New Year has started with a bang – literally! So many patients through my door have had muscle strains and tears relating to their holiday festivities. A muscle strain is usually felt as a “pop”, “snap” or sudden acute...

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Muscular Pain – “get fast relief”

Pain – “Its just muscular” – the best way to treat muscular pain What is muscle pain? Muscle pain OR muscular pain is the name we use when the type of pain we feel is dull, aching, non specific to one area and non invasive on our daily...

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Improve your lower back pain with hamstring strength

Hamstring strength exercise – the nordic drop The hamstring muscles are super important in our day to day function and if we are involved in sport. A strong set of hamstrings will make you more resilient to lower back pain hip pain injury from bending forward to...

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5 Step guide to Workstation Setup

Sitting all day? – save your spine using this 5 step routine If you are a sitter – either occupationally or by lifestyle then you MUST watch our latest video on how to setup your workstation. Its called the 5 step guide to workstation setup. Its part of...

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