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Robina Roos – Injury Information Evening

Robina Roos - Injury Information Evening We wish to welcome Robina Roos players to Physiologic at 6.30pm on the 29th November. This will be the night where we outlay the injury management, prevention and other ideas that we would like to implement in the upcoming...

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3 step guide to stable pain free shoulders

3 step guide to stable pain free shoulders  Summer is here and it seems based on the amount of shoulder problems we are seeing that people are in the mood to exercise! Great news that you all are trying but it would be even better if you can remain injury free in...

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PREHAB vs REHAB – how to maximise your surgical outcome

PREHAB vs REHAB - how to maximise your surgical outcome Jess Norton shows us the best way to make sure surgery works for you. Perfect for anyone having knee, shoulder, back or hip surgery - click the video to watch

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How to wear your backpack to avoid back injury

HOW TO  WEAR YOUR BACKPACK TO AVOID BACK INJURY  Jess took on the the 3 Capes track in Tasmania recently - she is an expert on backpacks   DECIDE ON ITS USE FIRST The first thing to consider when looking at backpacks is...

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Beat persistent Tennis Elbow – tendon month at Physiologic

Have a look at our latest Video on How to Beat Pesky Tennis Elbow It's designed for people who have had tennis elbow that's persisted for months and is giving them pain with Gripping Lifting Pulling  It shows you What tennis elbow is Where you will get pain What to do...

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Biggest mistakes in management of muscle strains

Biggest mistakes in managing muscle strains: The New Year has started with a bang – literally! So many patients through my door have had muscle strains and tears relating to their holiday festivities. A muscle strain is usually felt as a “pop”, “snap” or sudden acute...

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