Ever wondered why after or during squats and lunges your knees ache? Chances are your knee cap(s) are the problem and as a female you will be 7-8 times more likely to get knee pain in the gym than males.


  • Hip strength: Most females don’t naturally have the hip strength required to control the hip and  knee from rotating inwards during squatting and lunging movements.
  • Hip mobility: Females naturally have much greater mobility than males. Unfortunately this means more movement to control and with the above mentioned hip strength deficits the extra hip mobility can be a real problem in your squat
  • Quad strength: Not enough quad strength will put more force on your knee caps when you squat and lunge
  • Ankle stiffness: Get rid of the high heels and start doing those calf stretches ladies !! Stiff ankles make it very hard to complete a good quality squat or lunge
  • Awareness / movement control: Ever watched your technique in the mirror ? do your knees turn in when you lunge or squat ? We know that knee rotation inwards is a massive contributor to knee cap pain


1.Hip strength: Bridging, clams and side planks are all great drills to build hip strength. Try single legged versions of these

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2.Hip mobility: Don’t overdo the stretching of your hips – chances are if your female that strength is more important than flexibility

3.Quad strength: Try some single legged leg press. if your knees are sore this position will be less challenging. Don’t overdo the leg extension machine as it might make you worse


4.Stretch your calfs and ankles. Also wear shoes with a thick sole on them. Perhaps try some of your squats with your fee slightly turned out


5.Knee band: Place a knee band around your knees and perform some squats with this on – it will help remind you to not let your knees turn inwards


If you continue to get knee pain come on in and get it sorted with one of our expert practitioners Adam Shaw, Jess Norton or Chris Pearson.



Yours in health - The Physiologic Team