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Wanting to improve your bone health?

Make your first break your last. The Australian National SOS Fracture Alliance unites 30 medical, allied health, patient advocacy, carer and other organisations under its umbrella. The more than 2.91 million members have one common goal – to ‘make the first break the...

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What the ‘bleep’ is remedial massage?

While most of us have at least some notion of what remedial massage is, we might still struggle to explain specifically what it’s all about if we had to explain it to our next-door neighbour. The key word in remedial massage is ‘remedy’. Whether you suffer from an...

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Having Surgery or Recently had surgery … What now?

Senior physio Jess Norton has a special interest here at Physiologic in post-op rehab. She wants to share with you 3 steps for post surgery and how we can help you.   (1) Goal setting: Surgery is the easy part, all the work is done for you – you now need to...

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Exercising during Winter – By Jess Norton

Winter on the Gold Coast is a great time to get out and experience the beautiful outdoors. Cooler temperatures and clear days in winter make for great hiking conditions here on the Coast. Here are 3 quick tips before heading out on your first hike this winter: 1.    ...

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Who is behind the nickname “Bulldog”

Mark Barrett  is the most capped ultra marathon runner at physiologic. Putting another one on the board at Runaway Bay in the pouring rain over the weekend – 80 km.   Tough you say?? Not when your nickname is the “bulldog”   Everyone please...

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Ankle Sprains – 3 Reasons you should see a physio

I’VE ROLLED MY ANKLE…  DO I NEED TO SEE A PHYSIO? Yes!  There is no such thing as a simple rolled ankle. Ankle sprains are a very common injury seen in all ages ranging from rolled ankles on the sporting field to a twisted ankle while walking on an uneven...

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Live Video – Kids injury prevention evening

If you missed our recent kids injury prevention evening, this is a must watch! Press play NOW to watch the live video from the night where our principal physio, Josh Meyer, along with associate Physio Tim Rigby, shows you how to keep your child away from injury and...

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FREE kids injury prevention evening for parents

Winter sports have started. Parents you my have already noticed your children complaining of sore knees, feet and hips. In many cases kids will need to have several weeks away from sport in order to manage their injury. We show you how to keep your child away from...

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Running Technique – The Lazy Heel Lift

One of the most common technique errors I encounter when assessing running technique is the lazy heel lift. Essentially what happens is that the swinging leg (as it leaves the ground at the point of push off), remains extended behind the body for too long. This then...

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