Heres our Top 5 tips on how to avoid spinal painĀ 


1. Changeup your posture

– don’t spend more than 20 min before changing your posture

– go from kneeling to standing to sitting back to kneeling

2. Exercise daily

– spend 30-45 min most days doing some form of exercise

– break it up into

A) Cardio eg. walk / jog

B) strength work eg push ups

C) circuit work – mixture of both

  • check out our blog on how to exercise during COVID 19


3. Workstation setup

  • see below for how to set yourself up








4. Take regular breaks

  • you should break from the your workstation every 20-30 min – for 2 min at a time
  • take this opportunity to roll your shoulders, stretch your neck and do some back bends


5. Use self management strategies

  • foam rollers
  • spikey balls
  • therabands

see below