What is an aerobic flush recovery session?

On the days in between intense physical activity and training it is extremely common to become physically and mentally fatigued.

With sports coming back and athletes ready to give it there absolute best and kick the year off with a bang! It is likely that at some point you may begin to feel drained both physically and mentally.

Although this may indicate that you need a bit of a rest from your sport and take some time off there is a minor risk that you may lose some of your conditioning during this brief period. There are some alternative ways to maintain your condition and have a break at the same time.

An “aerobic flush” recovery session is a commonly used tool in elite sports to enhance recovery amongst there athletes.

There are many reasons as to why an aerobic flush can be beneficial to add to your routine. Firstly aerobic flush sessions have the capacity to identify any niggles that may need addressing. Secondly they allow the body the opportunity to reduce or “flush” any metabolic waste that is caused by high intensity exercise. Lastly it also provides the athlete with an opportunity to freshen there mind and give them a mental change up from there normal sports.

To give you an example:

Say you are a semi-professional or up and coming AFL player. You are currently training three times a week for about an hour and a half each time and have a game on the weekend.

You can see how this might become quite physically and mentally demanding.

As an “aerobic flush” you can play a low intensity game of soccer or go play a game of tennis instead.

As stated above this can be beneficial both from a physical and mental perspective. In fact there is good evidence to suggest that low intensity exercise can have a positive affect on muscle soreness.

If you would like to find out more about recovery and aerobic flush recovery sessions please refer to our previous article on injury prevention and recovery or please feel free to contact us here at the clinic.

Chris Pearson