Helpful hints for exercising this summer

Summer is here !! If you haven’t noticed the last week or so has been super hot – we wanted to share a few handy hints, debunk some myths and touch on some strategies you can use to perform better in summer when you exercise

Check out Mark talking specifically about Kurrawa to Duranbah 50 & 30k endurance races.

Considering they are just around the corner it is a good time to discuss heat acclimation, although any of these strategies can be applied to your own training and fitness especially when the thermometer goes upwards

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Mark Barrett – strategies to make exercising in the heat easier

Running and endurance sports are a specific interest of ours at Physiologic – Physiotherapists Mark Barrett, Tim, Rigby, David Coombs and Brian Fuller all have a unique set of skills to make your perform at your best.

Even for the weekend warrior some of the tips you receive will make a 10-15% difference in your performance.

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