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Inspiring Story – Steven Way

Inspiring Story - Steven Way As the dust settles on the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, it's now time to get excited about it being the Gold Coast's turn now. But as it is also a time to reflect on the great moments and inspiring stories that always emerge from these...

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Cyclist……experiencing pain in the front of the knee?

Cyclist... experiencing pain in the front of the knee? Cycling is regarded as a safe low impact sport which results in very few injuries, however the reality is often a little different to this widely accepted view. The repetitive nature of the sport does predispose...

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Pain between the shoulder blades ?

Pain between the shoulder blades ?? The region in the middle of your back between the shoulder blades (thoracic spine) is a common area for pain and like most problems is usually multi-factorial in its make up. Our thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae (T1-T12)...

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Physiologic Physiotherapy – What is Dry Needling ???

PHYSIOLOGIC PHYSIOTHERAPY - WHAT IS DRY NEEDLING ? Dry needling is  a  broad term used  to  differentiate “non-injection”  needling from the practice of “injection needling” which utilises a hyperdermic syringe and usually involves the injection of an agent such as...

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Doctor or Physio – Who should I see ?

Physiologic Physiotherapy DOCTOR OR PHYSIO - WHO SHOULD I SEE ? At Physiologic Physiotherapy we often get asked "Should I see the doctor or come straight to physio"? Traditionally doctors have been the first port of call when  a person injures themselves or requires...

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