Value packed rewards – Physiologic loyalty program

We want to keep the value high for our clients who have invested their health in our services.

Our clients are are backbone and looking after each of you seems fitting as a reward for your commitment in us

Our rewards program is as follows

Bronze rewards

  • One on One Pilates class
  • Physiologic “pack” (bag, spikey ball, small foam roller)
  • ½ hour massage
  • 1 x physiotherapy session

Silver rewards

  • 1 x gym training session
  • Gait assessment / footwear assessment
  • 1 hour massage
  • Video Running Analysis
  • 4 casual gym sessions
  • Initial physiotherapy session

 Gold rewards

  • Cycling specific physical screening
  • Gold Fitness Screening
  • Metabolic consultation
  • 4 Pilates classes
  • 90 min massage
  • 2 x physiotherapy sessions