We follow Physiotherapist Adam Shaw as he prepares for his first Marathon.


Adam is preparing for his first Gold Coast marathon in July. We will be following his journey as he prepares for his upcoming marathon.

With help from different professionals at Physiologic we will assist him by looking at everything from metabolism efficiency, running technique and economy, effective training intensities, fuel intake and exercises for runners.

As Adam goes through his assessments and sessions with each professional you will find videos of his sessions and the advice he is given.


Adam’s preparation will include the below sessions;

  • Metabolism analysis: Adam Shaw attends an exercise metabolism analysis with Mark Barrett to work out what intensities he needs to train at to improve his endurance and speed
  • Metabolism results: David Coombs goes through the results with Adam and explains them in detail
  • Metabolism training: Therese Fossheim shows Adam how to adjust his training sessions to achieve better results
  • Nutrition: Delina Rahmate advices on intake for improved performance and recovery
  • Running Assessment, advice and exercises: David Coombs assesses Adams running technique and gives advice for improvement
  • Muscle release techniques: Josh Meyer demonstrates effective methods to help with muscle recovery


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