David Coombs

Physiotherapist - Practice Partner

David is a senior Physiotherapist and practice partner at Physiologic. He specialises in running injuries and running technique assessment and coaching.

He is an IAAF Accredited Level 3 distance running coach as well as being a successful athlete in his own right, competing in ultra-distance running events up to 160km and other sports including rock climbing, mountain biking and obstacle course racing.  He completed his Physiotherapy training at The University of Birmingham, England and has a Psychology Masters degree from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

David uses high speed video analysis techniques to identify aspects of the running stride that might be contributing to injuries and aims to fix the underlying cause of the injury rather than simply managing symptoms.  He also uses running technique training as a way of improving running efficiency and performance, helping runners from beginner’s to elite improve their whole running experience.

His regular running workshops are a popular choice for people new to running technique training, with sessions for trail running, beginners, intermediates and more scheduled in 2017.

More details are available at www.davecoombs.com.au