Josh Meyer

Principal Physiotherapist/Director

Josh is the Principal Partner at Physiologic. He continues to be passionate about impacting people’s lives by offering patients the very best in physiotherapy treatment, business philosophy, staff training and customer service.

Having experience over 16 years and access to the many services at Physiologic, it has been the results on overall health and well-being in clients that has stimulated an ongoing love of the profession. Whilst his interest is in musculo-skeletal problems in sports people and the general public he excels clinically with the management of golf injuries and golf performance.

Josh oversees the Golf Injury and Performance Program at Physiologic and currently consults to Golf Australia’s High Performance Division and the QAS Golf Physiotherapy program.

Josh currently enjoys a very active lifestyle and is passionate about being a role model for his 2 kids where health and fitness is concerned. A love of the ocean has been cornerstone in Josh’s life and it is likely during spare time you will find him Ocean ski paddling/racing, adventure racing and surfing.

Golf Specific Physiotherapy

Golf biography

Josh grew up playing golf in NSW Australia and played as a junior at a high level. Upon beginning his career as a physiotherapist he wanted to melt his passion for the game with his career and this spawned the idea of working exclusively with golfers. Since then Josh has performed golf specific work within his own practice, Physiologic and has serviced over 2000 golfers including professionals, amateurs and club golfers.

During this time he has worked closely with his friend and mentor, the late Ramsay McMaster, founder of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic and arguably the world leader in golf physiotherapy and fitness to ensure an ongoing first-class golf fitness and performance service.

Notable Golf Physiotherapy work


  • WORLD NUMBER ONE FEMALE 2014/2015 – Inbee Park
  • Amy Yang (LPGA Tour)
  • Shiho Oyama (Japan LPGA Tour 2006 Money Queen),
  • Rachel Hetherington (LPGA Veteran)
  • Jennifer Song (USLPGA athlete)
  • Ju Young Park (USLPGA athlete)
  • Ha Neul Kim (Current Korean Number one female and USLPGA tour player)


  • Consultant physiotherapist to the Australian PGA tour for 3 years 2013, 2014, 2015 – Australian PGA, Fiji International, Australian Open
  • Steven Jeffress (Fiji International winner, OneAsia Touring Pro, 2010 NSW Order of Merit Winner, 2005 Victorian PGA Winner, current Samoa Masters Champion)
  • Richard Moir (6 Years on the Asian Tour)
  • Steven Jones (past Victorian Amateur Champion and current OneAsia touring Pro)
  • Matthew Ballard (Current Papua New Guinea Open Champion)
  • Numerous other OneAsia and Australasian Touring Professionals


Notable Consulting work


  • Kevin Healey (Hope Island Professional and current coach of multiple OneAsia and Australasian Professionals)
  • David Nable (Lakelands Professional and current coach of Andrew Buckle – Nationwide Tour, current coach of Shiho Oyama – LPGA Japan and past coach of Amy Yang USLPGA, past head coach of QLD state golf team)
  • Don Fardon (Hope Island Professional)
  • Tony Wells (Australasian Golf Academy head coach) – educational seminars and development of golf certificate programs
  • Robina High School Golf Development Program (produced the current Scottish Boys Champion, past students included Amy Yang, currently has several QLD state squad members): considerable role here which sees the screening and health/fitness development of over 20 elite junior golfers. This consultancy role is performed in blocks of several days with reviews being conducted every few months.
  • Elite Golf Coaching Academy: An academy for elite European golfers on the verge of turning professional. This is conducted by Jon Wallett who bases this academy in Evian, France during the European Summer and at Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia during the European Winter. Josh’s role is to oversee the screening and fitness provision to up to 10 golfers over a four month period.
  • Gold Coast District Golf Association: Junior Development program involving seminars and group consultation to elite juniors.
  • RNY Academy – Korean based academy with head coach Robin Symes. Josh provided golf training and screening to 24 athletes including current Korean number one ranked female Ha Neul Kim.
  • Golf Australia – High Performance Program – primary provider to Golf Australia’s high performance division in QLD. This role is to provide injury management and prevention services/high performance strategies to elite amateur golfers.
  • Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Physiotherapist – Josh is the current QAS physiotherapist and assists the coaching team with athlete high performance and injury management/prevention.