Meet Tim Rigby

Tim Rigby – Our newest member of the team

Meet our newest member – Tim Rigby. Tim joined us a few weeks ago and has been getting top results with lower limb injuries and spinal problems. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and is a perfect fit for our team of professionals with his approach to clinical problems

We are proud to welcome him as part of the team. If you are struggling with any problem give us a ring and make a time with Tim. Call us on 55787155


Tim Rigby

Tim Rigby

Heel pain – quick pain relief in this FREE video


FREE video to relieve heel pain

Pain in the back of the heel is a common problem – especially amongst our youngsters who play sport as it is a typical growth related problem

It is even common for adults to get heel pain – the causes are not so much growth related and usually more related to wear and tear

If you

  • get heel pain
  • have kids who complain of heel pain
  • see your kids limping after sport
  • feel pain in the back of your heel
Then try this easy suggestion for relieving your symptoms – remember its not all about symptom relief though – be sure to see us so as to get to the underlying reasons for this problem!


The Physiologic team – 55787155 OR

Flat feet or high arches ? Find out if they are a problem – 3 min video

Pain in your feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips or back – foot type can contribute to this – check your own feet using this video

  • Sore feet, heels or ankles ?
  • Ever wondered if your flat feet are causing problems further up ?
  • Do you need orthotics ?


Find out the answers to all these questions in this 3 min video

Extended Massage Therapy Offer – 20% off till July 19th

20% off Massage Therapy till July 19th

Aline Schlueter – our new remedial massage therapist has had a massive start at Physiologic.

Last month we offered a special introductory rate of 20% off all consults for massage therapy.Aline (19)

We are extending this offer till the 19th July – thats 1 week left to take up this great deal!

If you have private health insurance you can still use your rebate on our hicaps machine with the above discount giving you a great saving!

This is a great opportunity to iron out any niggles, aches and pains or even just de-stress!

Check out this interview with Aline

Call us on 55787155 to book OR email reception –  and mention this offer

The Physiologic team

Beat Arthritis in 3 minutes – FREE Video

“my doctor told me I have arthritis and there’s nothing that can be done about it”

So many patients over the years have said this exact statement to me,

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The emotional impact of your arthritis is huge and includes

– lost leisure time

– work capacity reduced

– poor sleep

– lack of exercise and reduced fitness

We are on a rant and have created a FREE VIDEO which explains

– What arthritis is

– why your arthritis CAN be treated

– Why you shouldnt worry too much about your X-rays

FREE Arthritis seminar this month

Winter is here and with those aches and pains getting worse over the colder months it’s the perfect time to focus on arthritis.

Are you fed up with being told that you have arthritis and cant do anything about it ?

So are we!

So many patients who have this problem are badly advised and dont get the help they need. Often this advice may come from friends, doctors or others

We would like to invite you all to our FREE Arthritis seminar night at Physiologic. We will talk about all types of arthritis including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

On the night

– learn what arthritis is

– ask any question you want about your condition

– learn if you may have arthritis or not

– understand how to treat arthritis

Venue: Physiologic

Date: Wed 22nd June

Time: 7pm

Everyone is welcome however spaces are limited – ring 55787155 or email to book your place.