The last few months of sport have been chaotic- a lot of training and games are packed into a short space of time. We have seen a large number of injuries during this time as there was a huge spike in activity after the COVID break. As a lot of sport is winding down for the year, focus now shifts to preparing for next season. Here are a couple of tips to help during the off season and help you prepare for next season.

  1. REST. This may seem like a silly one considering we have had a lot of time off physical activity this year but after a busy few months it’s important you allow yourself some time to rest. This rest is important both physically and mentally. Enjoy your weekends and spend some time with friends and family.
  2. FOUNDATION OF FITNESS. Most pre seasons will begin in January (after some trials in November/December). While rest is important, don’t spend the next three months doing absolutely nothing! The goal is to begin pre season with a base level of fitness already under your belt. A helpful guide is to do two 30 minute fitness sessions per week. This may include a run, a bike ride, a swim or even a gym session. Feel free to mix it up during this period and try things you may not usually include in a typical training week.
  3. GET YOUR NIGGLES SORTED. If you have experienced any niggles this year- tight calves, an achey back or some heel soreness- now is the time to get this assessed. Book an appointment with your physiotherapist and they can provide some advice and exercises to help you start next season strong, fit and ready to go.


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