Do you suffer from Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, recurrent falls or fractures?

Or do you just want to be a better version of you?

This class is for you!

Evidence shows that regular physical activity in the form of weight bearing, resistance and balance re-training assists  in  maintaining / improving bone density, while also reducing risk or falls and fractures. Exercise must be regular and ongoing, with supervision key to avoiding injury and challenging abilities.

Our Exercise Physiologist  Lauren Postans wants you to join her in getting stronger, fitter and more resilient than ever to tackle these conditions. Active for Life provides a safe and fun environment to build on strength, balance and mobility, not to mention confidence. Attending a  class run by an Exercise Physiologist means that you may also be eligible for private health rebates.

Small classes run twice a week, bookings essential
Tuesdays 1pm
Thursdays 10am


*We offer a no gap initial assessment for Private Health fund members with Exercise Physiology cover. Or $20 for self funding clients.