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PhysioCore Class

Our PhysioCore classes are an enjoyable and effective method of exercise that has much to offer all people on the road to improving their health.

Why do PhysioCore classes at Physiologic?

  • Classes are run by fully qualified Physiotherapists. Therese is passionate about PhysioCore and has created a model where she uses her experience and an in-depth understanding of conditions that might affect your participation to appropriately plan and modify exercises. This way we can ensure your comfort during the class and promote individualised rehabilitation. As a bonus, attending a Physio-run class means that you may also be eligible for private health rebates, reducing your out of pocket expense.
  • Our experience allows us to cater for everyone. By providing different exercise options within the class, we cater to all levels of pilates_mat_classphysical ability and aim to challenge each person within their current capabilities. We understand that each person will have a different reason for joining PhysioCore and our aim is to tailor classes to your individual goals.
  • Small class sizes. No-one likes to be just a face in the crowd and small classes mean more attention on you and your movement.
  • We offer a comfortable exercise environment. One of the best things about our classes are the people in it! A lot of people comment that they are relieved at how comfortable they feel within the classes and we think this boils down to how friendly and non-judgemental everyone is. There’s no pressure to wear expensive gym gear or already be in shape and because everyone is directed to be so focused on their own movement and control, there’s little opportunity for you to feel self-conscious. What’s more, the space is air-conditioned – which makes exercise far more comfortable!

PysioCore classes with Therese:
Wednesdays 5.30pm – 6.15pm




Do you or a loved one suffer from Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, recurrent falls or fractures?Collage

Or do you just want to be a better version of you?

This class is for you!

Evidence shows that regular physical activity in the form of weight bearing, resistance and balance re-training assists  in  maintaining / improving bone density, while also reducing risk or falls and fractures. Exercise must be regular and ongoing, with supervision key to avoiding injury and challenging abilities.

Our Senior Physiotherapist Adam Shaw wants you to join him in getting stronger, fitter and more resilient than ever to tackle these conditions. Bones and Balance provides a safe and fun environment to build on strength, balance and mobility, not to mention confidence. Attending a Physio-run class means that you may also be eligible for private health rebates.

Small classes run twice a week with Adam:
Tuesdays 1pm – 2pm
Thursdays 10.30am – 11.30am