Quads Strength – A proven reducer of knee pain

A huge number of people coming through the clinic have knee pain. It seems like the New Year efforts to get fit is taking its toll on some! Don’t let your New Years fitness Resolutions come at the cost of sore knees.


In almost all cases this knee pain causes or results from poor strength in your quadriceps muscles. These muscles are located in the front of your thigh and have a large role in stabilising your knee joint.

Recently, I had an interesting experience treating two knee pain clients with the same complaint and I really want to share the treatment and progress with you. It highlighted to me the absolute importance of quadriceps strength in overcoming knee pain

Both of these patients (females) were from similar backgrounds and had similar goals.

Both were prescribed the same quads strength drills to perform. One was very diligent with the drills and the other was flat out terrible at complying with her program!

Not only this but she took advice from one of her friends and started performing the wrong type of strength exercise!

We took some results at the end a 6 week treatment period.

Have a look below to see the different results:

  Patient A (Compliant) Patient B (non-compliant)
Outcome Measured: Initial Score Final Score Initial Score Final Score
Step up (Subjective Score) 7/10 1/10 7/10 5-6/10
Squad (degrees until pain onset) 15 90 12 20
Walking (time until pain onset) 5 min unlimited 8 min 15 min
Happiness with daily function (Subjective Score) 2/10 9/10 3/10 5-6/10

The moral of the story is:

* If you have knee pain – quadriceps strengthening will have a massive effect

* Always commit to your rehab program – the biggest factor in attaining your goals

* Listen only to your physiotherapist for advice and an appropriate program.

I have some great videos I can share with you for safe, effective strength work for your quads muscles. If you have or want to prevent knee pain let me know via email and I will shoot you a copy.

Regards Mitch Davis