Imagine this – its the middle of the holidays and you’re happily enjoying the spectacular weather ………

THEN BAM !! – your ankle twists and you cant walk properly  – stiff swollen and sore you wonder what to do and how to get help!!


1. USE YOUR PHYSIOLOGIC’ APP – its the fastest way to get back on your feet and out of pain fast – download on iPhone here

2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR XMAS OFFER OF “NO GAP”-  on your initial consult till the end of December – click here for more info

Over the holiday period between Xmas and New year  we are remaining open to make sure our clients

  • get out of pain fast on their holidays
  • don’t have their holidays ruined by injury
  • get the best help and outcomes for  ongoing problems
  • get immediate care/treatment and advice

The fastest and best way to get back on your feet and out of pain fast is to download the Physiologic App

To download see below

Iphone users – search for “Physiologic” on itunes or download using this link

Google/Android users – search for “Physiologic nextin” or download using this link


Check it out to experience


Simply register your details then make your booking.

Also get a sneak peek at our new logo which is part of our soon to be launched re-brand