Are you tapping into your body’s full potential?

Did you know that by assessing your body’s ability to use fuel we can tell you exactly at what intensity levels you achieve best results and how much nutrition your body needs to maximise performance?

Two physiotherapists and a nutritionist, all experienced ultra runners (Mark Barrett, David Coombs and Delina Rahmate) have come together to provide you with a high end assessment and plan at reduced cost to help you achieve your peak performance. Starting from Saturday 1st September. To make a booking call 5578 7155 (mention “Performance Special”)

*Assessment and plan are suited to all levels of fitness. Both individualised.

Metabolism Assessment

PhyIMG_9425sio and metabolism expert Mark will analyse your body’s ability to burn fuel both at rest and during running. A 60 minute assessment using high end metabolic equipment.

Results & Advice

Physio and Running Coach Dave Coombs will talk to you about your own training goals, explain the data from your test and teach you how to use this data to get the most out of your training. Learning how to use your personal metabolic profile allows you to get the very best out of your training, whether you are aiming to lose weight, run your first 5k, or train for a mountainous ultra.

Read about David Coombs experience with the testing and 20x30-GCAX0140heart rate training here

12 Week Training Plan

Use the data from your metabolic test, combined with your own personal training goals with a 12 week training program from Physio and Running Coach Dave Coombs. Dave has helped train runners for events across the globe, from 5k to Ultra. Your personalised program will be unique to you and reflect your personal metabolic profile as well your specific time availability, current fitness level and individual goals. Your full program is a 12 week roadmap to improved health and maximised performance. During the program you will be able to stay in touch with Dave as often as you like to seek his advice with your training.

Nutrition Assessment & Advice

Learn to get the most out of your health and metabolic test in an initial consultation with our Clinical Nutritionist Delina Rahmate. Delina will discuss your results from a
nutritional perspective as well as comprehensively assessing your current health status and goals (both training and health). This one hour consultation delves into digestive Delina Photohealth, hormones, stress and other neurological factors, weight and body composition, medical history, blood or other results and any supplement you may be using.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Plan

Using the metabolic test as well as the information from the initial consultation and your 12 week training program, Delina will create a personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan to assist you in reaching your goals. The program is designed around your needs, training and nutritional goals, your likes and ability when it comes to food preparation, cooking and your budget. With the combination of your 12 week training program with Dave Coombs the nutritional plan will assist you in achieving optimal health and performance. Delina is available throughout the program period as often as you need.

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In addition, you may be able to claim on your health fund

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Essential Appointments:

Metabolism Assessment  $230

Results & Report  $96

Optional Extras:

12 week training plan $120

Nutrition assessment and advice  $100

Nutritional & Lifestyle plan  $160

Take advantage of this special. Limited spots available

Call to book your appointment today  5578 7155