Injuries and poor efficiency in cyclists have led to 2 key questions


1. Does your bike fit your body? tim bike - rpm

Most people who ride a bike will have had the basic “bike fit” where adjustments to the bike are made based on the way your body stacks up -unfortunately this is only half of the equation!! Most people will go out ride their bike and get used to some changes that sometimes aren’t correct or worse still – will cause injury. In this case the second key question is;

2. Does your body fit your bike?

What most people don’t realise is that engine room of cycling (your body) can often be hugely improved and make massive gains in efficiency, injury risk, and overall performance. Key fundamentals like flexibility, posture, technique and stability can all be improved by a program designed and tailored to your key physical faults.

It is astounding to consider that people will spend upwards of $5000 dollars on a bike when the single biggest factor (the body) in ensuring they get maximal enjoyment is often neglected. Consider our increasing sedentary habits and the decline in our physical health generally and its no wonder we lack the resilience to take up or increase our load in a new sport like cycling.


RPM pic collageOur ‘RPM Cycling injury and performance program’ is a combination of expert bike fitting and physical assessment / prescription specific to cycling.


We have programs for everyone (professionals, amateur, recreational and weekend warriors) and you will walk away with a program / advice tailored to your needs.


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