Bike Fit Q & A

Tim Rigby answers some good questions in this Q & A about our new bike fit program:  RPM Cycling Injury and Performance Program!!


1. Why would someone come to see a physiotherapist to have their bike fitted and not the bike shop? 

The interaction between to body and the bike is very complex , and includes many individual variables. To achieve the perfect bike fit , we need to take into account these variables.
The major difference is that physiotherapists have the skill to perform a detailed body screening prior to actually fitting them people on the bike to flag these individual variations. These can include;

  • Spinal mobilityBF 1
  • Neural mobility
  • Lower limb flexibility
  • Muscular strength / control
  • Pedal efficiency

We use this information in conjunction with optimal biomechanical, geometry and sizing to ensure the perfect fit for YOU. Essentially – We are really looking at not just the bike .. but the body and the bike in the one picture.


2. Do I need to be injured to get a bike fit by a physio?

No. A Physio bike fit can also be used to make sure you are;

  • Getting the best out of their body / pedal stroke
  • Comfortable
  • Confident in your set up
  • Performing at your peak

We will ask carefully what your goals on initial consultation to clarify this, from there we will tailor the program / consult to meet your goals.


3. How long will it take to achieve to “fix” my bike set up and make sure Im performing at the best or out of injury?

Bike fitting with a physio is a dynamic process and requires adjustment and adaptions to new positions. For this reason it may take a sometime and over some sessions to fine tune any set up issues to ensure the perfect fit for YOU. Also the interaction between the body and the bikes takes into A LOT of individual factors- we may identify areas of weakness / mobility which you may have exercises to work on.

rpm bike - tim

These are important to reduce your pain , minimize injury risk, or maximize performance . We have different treatment \packages available , also a more accurate time frame will be given to you on initial consult to give you an idea of you path to injury free cycling of optimal performance.


4. What do I receive after an initial consult for a bike fit?   

After you initial bike fit and screening process you will be given the following;

  • individual summary of results including pictures / videos
  • a detailed pathway of treatment needed to achieve your goals
  • immediate things to work on / address
  • summary of your overall fit
  • the ability to email any bike fit Q during the week


5. Which program is right for me?

We offer a number of packages to suit everyone’s cycling goals. These packages will range from a single bike fit and follow up results session, to a comprehensive 6- week program that will include:

  • Bike fit consult and follow up session
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Physical screening assessment
  • Individualized cycling strength and conditioning program

Each of these packages will be recommended depending on the results of the initial consult and the patients goals.

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