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Sport and performance psychology services.

Rachel Jones, Sport Psychologist


Lift Your Body
Injury rehabilitation and pain management services to manage the psychological factors that contribute to injury and to improve recovery outcomes.

Lift Your Head – Individual & Group
Health and wellbeing services for athletes and non-athletes resulting in increased life satisfaction, general wellbeing and sustained happiness.

Lift Your Game – Individual & Group
Targeted towards athletes of any performance level, this area of service provides targeted skills & strategies to improve performance or assist with maintaining consistent performance.

Lift Your Team
Performance enhancement and health and wellbeing strategies applied to group and team settings to maximise cohesion, team culture and team performance.

Lift High Performance Consultants are a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to helping you to reach your performance potential in sport, business, performing arts or everyday life. We work off the premise that if you can train your body to perform and recover more effectively and efficiently, your brain can also be trained in the same way.

Our team is led by endorsed Sport and Exercise Psychologists, who use the latest evidence to inform their practice and develop individualised training programs appropriate for you or your team.


Our services cater for people from all walks of life and levels of performance, lending truth to the statement, everyone needs a lift!