What is running technique training and how can it help me?

Running is a wonderfully simple activity and something we all naturally start doing in only the second year of our lives. As we grow and our running ability improves many children and adults start running more seriously, either for fitness, sport, or competition. Running also forms the key ingredient of most of our most popular team sports such as football, AFL and rugby league.

Despite the fact that running is such a natural activity an incredible number of people become injured each year from running. Poor running technique plays a large part in many running injuries, placing high loads on the body and creating asymmetries and imbalances that overload the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Poor running technique is also inefficient, making running more effortful and less enjoyable. The good news is that good running technique is a learnable skill and with proper coaching can be dramatically improved.

Running technique training can help you if:

  • You have an injury
  • You are in training for a running event
  • You want to improve your running speed
  • You want to improve how far you can run
  • You want to sprint faster on the football field
  • You want to run but every time you try it is hard work and not enjoyable
  • You wear through running shoes quickly


Running technique training is suitable for all ages and running abilities.


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