Our hip and groin clinic is a specialised service targeted at difficult hip and groin conditions. It is appropriate for the general public with pain in this region but also sports people who commonly get pain here also. This area of the body can be difficult to manage and diagnose and as such we provide a specific Physiotherapist who excels clinically in this area.

David Battersby is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist and in his role as head physio and consultant physio to elite and national sports teams, he has developed an amazing understanding of the complex problems that can cause pain and injury in and around the hip and groin.

The Hip and Groin Clinic includes the most thorough assessment of your problem, a clear explanation of the probable causes of your pain, advice on any further tests that may be required and most importantly how to solve your problem. A diagnosis, and a thorough treatment plan based on a clear understanding of this diagnosis is the cornerstone to any good rehabilitation.