What is the core?anterior-core
Generally people think of the core as being the whole abdominal wall. However in rehabilitation we need to focus on the inner core muscles such as the transverse abdominis, as these are crucial for obtaining stability.

What is core stability?
Core stability is the ability of all your abdominal and back muscles working at their optimal level to control the position and motion of your trunk over your pelvis.

Why can the core be weak?
Pain often inhibits and weakens the core and over time your body compensates for this weakness by increasing the use of other muscles. This can also occur with sedentary lifestyle or poor mechanical habits.

Why have a Core Muscle Assessment?
Using Ultrasound technology we can look at the function of your transverse abdominis and teach you how to more efficiently activate this muscle. We also look at the way you move to assess your core stability.

This assessment will increase your core awareness, educate you on postural sense and provide you with exercises to improve your core stability.