Margaret Vandermost

Clinical Psychologist

Marg commenced her psychology practice supporting injured clients return to work under Workcover, motor vehicle insurance and Commonwealth disability employment schemes. For the past 9 years, she has worked as a senior psychologist at Gold Coast Health assisting patients with chronic pain regain improved quality of life. During this time, Marg has created and facilitated a range of group programs, worked successfully with clients with multiple health and psychiatric conditions and published journal articles on chronic pain models of care.


Marg is also a

· certified instructor of Empowered ReliefTM, an evidence-based single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills,

· skilled in OldPain2Go a new reprocessing method to remove unnecessary pain and;

· qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

Marg uses an integrative approach to therapy involving a range of therapeutic models and techniques depending on the client’s presentation and the goals of therapy. She is available to work with clients of all ages who are experiencing anxiety, adjustment issues, chronic disease, chronic pain, mood disorders and trauma. She enjoys working collaboratively with medical specialists, treating general practitioners and other allied health practitioners using a holistic approach to achieve improved client outcome