Winter is my favourite time of year on the Gold Coast, crisp mornings that turn into blue sky days. This time of year provides great weather to head out for a run or hike without feeling like you just stepped out of the sauna. However, the shorter days can prove a challenge for motivation and fitting in all your usual exercise routine. Here are a few tips to keep yourself exercising on these colder days.

If it’s too cold or dark to do your usual morning exercise, head out for a lunchtime walk instead. You not only keep up your steps but get the added bonus of a Vitamin D boost which can help get you through the afternoon energy slump.

Think about moving your exercise location from outdoors to indoors. Gyms are now reopening, or you can put some home exercise equipment to use. Your Physiotherapist can help develop a personalised program for you with the use of very little equipment that is specific to your fitness goals.

There is also a vast array of online resources available to access, especially since the onset of COVID-19. There are many exercise programs that you can access for free onlin

e covering a range of disciplines including yoga, pilates, dance classes, tai chi and aerobics. These can be streamed onto your TV or mobile device and with the amount of content available there is some something suitable for everyone.        


Adam Shaw