Resting Metabolic Rate & VO2max Tests
Cutting edge technology previously only available to professional athletes is now available to you! Now you can learn detailed information about your metabolism to improve your health, fitness and performance.

vo2max testing

How will this testing help me?  

  • Maximise fat burning
  • Weight loss
  • Optimise energy levels
  • Correct calorie intake
  • Save time & maximise training effect
  • Improve performance
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Choose correct exercise for your metabolism


Is this testing suited for me?

We have tested people from all ages and fitness levels. These tests are tailored for the individual and their goals.


What will I get from doing this test?

Depending on the type of test you choose and your personal goals.

  • Detailed explanation about your metabolism (Resting and exercise metabolism)
  • Report with daily optimal calorie intake and fuel mix (carbohydrates, fat and protein)
  • 12 week personalised exercise program with specifically targeted heart rate zones for optimal effect


For more detailed information and pricing see: Jupiter Health Website

You can also contact Therese with questions you have. Email therese@physiologic.com.au or phone (07) 5578 7155