Therese Fossheim

Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist

Therese graduated in 2004 with degrees in Physiotherapy & Exercise Science. She is our PhysioCore class instructor and heavily involved in the metabolism analysis and mentoring programs.

Therese treats her clients with a large focus on education, body awareness and retraining as she believes the key to full recovery is understanding how to look after your injury. She takes great pleasure in getting people back to what they love and will shape her treatment with this in mind.

Therese runs small, health fund rebatable PhysioCore classes here in Physiologic’s private gym. She also offers one on one PhysioCore sessions.

With a 14-year background as a fitness instructor Therese has always enjoyed helping people improve their health & fitness. She is passionate about our Metabolism Analysis and mentoring programs, a scientifically proven test that allows a prescription of personalised programs improving health, fitness and fat burning ability. You can find more details in regards to the testing here or ask Therese herself.

Therese’s personal interest include running and dancing. She loves running with friends and enjoys challenges like marathons, and is always excited to help people on their path to conquer such challenges. She offers running assessments and specialised running exercises. With Mark Barrett, she runs interval sessions once per week. This session combines both running technique and specific interval session proven by research to be effective in improving fat oxidation.