FREE kids injury prevention evening for parents

Winter sports have started.

Parents you my have already noticed your children complaining of sore knees, feet and hips. In many cases kids will need to have several weeks away from sport in order to manage their injury.

We show you how to keep your child away from injury and towards happiness with their sport.

What you will learn;

  • How to spot early signs of injury in children
  • How growth impacts on active boys and girls differently
  • Why girls are 8 time more likely to have a severe knee injury in running/kicking sports and how to prevent this
  • Why your boy is limping at half time or after training
  • Tips on how to prevent injury and make sure your kids have full participation and enjoyment
  • The latest injury prevention
    strategies for kids

Perfect for parents of kids who play soccer, netball, Rugby League/Union, touch football, Futsal, AFL.


WHEN: Wed 22nd March 2017
TIME: 6.45 pm – 8.00 pm
WHERE: Physiologic, 334 Scottsdale Drive, Robina Q 4226


Please ring 07 5578 7155 or email to confirm your attendance. See you there!

Be prepared and avoid ski injuries with this quick tip

Do you have a ski trip booked this year? Avoid ski injuries with the right preparation leading up to your holiday and avoid the 3 biggest mistakes people normally make.

Physiotherapist Jess Norton spent almost four years living and working in Vancouver, Canada and enjoyed plenty of time on the slopes.  Jess is very familiar with ski and snowboarding injuries and shares some insight on preventing injuries below.

  1. Not training in the lead up – one of the biggest mistakes we make leading into the ski season or a skiing holiday is lack of preparation.  The way we use our muscles while skiing and snowboarding is very different to the way we move during day to day activity, so we need to train for this different type of movement. Quad, glut and core muscles are typically the muscles that need the most focus.
  2. Not making sure you are fit to spend all day on the mountain – Cardiovascular fitness plays a large role in injury prevention – make sure you get the legs conditioned to tolerate a big day on the slopes – a stationary bike or push bike is great for this

Fatigue is a major factor in injuries on the ski slopes so it is important to train endurance as well as strength and flexibility.

3. Not getting a lesson if you haven’t skied in ages – make sure you get a lesson when you return to the slopes after a long hiatus. Your technique is critical in making sure you remain injury free and enjoy yourself

For ski and snowboarding injuries and to start conditioning yourself for an enjoyable holiday book a time with Jess by clicking here OR Call us on 07) 5578 7155 or email to book now.




Robina Roos – Injury Information Evening

Robina Roos – Injury Information Evening

We wish to welcome Robina Roos players to Physiologic at 6.30pm on the 29th November. This will be the night where we outlay the injury management, prevention and other ideas that we would like to implement in the upcoming season.

On the agenda specifically will be

– Introduction to Physios and our facility – physiologic – me, you,
– injury management pathways
– Interaction with other health professionals – referral onwards, medical imaging, sports medicine, podiatry, other ancillary services
– discussion on concussion
– Other members of the team
– RTS protocols soft tissue injuries – running and requirements before playing
– injury prevention programs – H/S, ACL, others
– recovery ideas
– data collection
– player discount within the clinic – 15% per session
– player screenings – TBA

We are super proud to be on board this year with the Robina Roos AFL Club. It is always a pleasure to amalgamate with local community organisations and the Robina Roos are a club that align well with our own values

3 step guide to stable pain free shoulders

3 step guide to stable pain free shoulders 

Summer is here and it seems based on the amount of shoulder problems we are seeing that people are in the mood to exercise!

Great news that you all are trying but it would be even better if you can remain injury free in those shoulder joints.

Thats why we created this really easy video for everyone – its called “the 3 step guide to stable pain free shouders” and it shows you

– how to make your shoulders strong and stable and keep them that way

– how to beat pain before it even begins

– what to do if you are having shoulder pain and would like some simple relief