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Mitch, We Will Miss You!

PhysioLogic physiotherapist and practice partner Mitch Davis is heading back for a life in his home town of Bundaberg. Mitch has made a massive contribution to the driving forces at PhysioLogic and we will miss him greatly. We wish Mitch and family all the very best,...

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Free Pilates for you and a friend!

For the months of September and October, refer a friend for an initial physio assessment consultation with Jess to receive a free pilates session (with Jess or Therese) for both you and your friend! Pilates is a fantastic way to improve body awareness and posture,...

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Running Training for Cyclists

Have you thought about doing some running to supplement your cycling training program? Check out this video by Mitch Davis for a discussion on running training for cyclists.  ...

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Running Technique Workshop – Level 1 – November

Have you ever wanted to run further, faster and with fewer injuries? One of the most rewarding ways to improve your own running is through discovering your own optimal running technique. Join physiotherapist and running coach Dave Coombs as he guides you through...

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Fit in 6 Minutes a Week – On ABC TV Catalyst

Science is discovering many health benefits that come from high intensity interval training. As those of you who have been through our metabolism and VO2max testing program know this is due to the effects that high intensity interval training has on your mitochondria...

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Fuel Burning During Exercise – Everyone is Different

Fuel Burning During Exercise- Everyone is Different Your fuel burning profile during exercise plays a huge role in determining your exercise tolerance and your ability to perform in endurance sports. In the clinic we see a number of fuel burning profiles, some of...

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