Affiliate Rewards Program

As a member of a sporting organisation that has an affiliation with Physiologic Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, we invite you to choose one of the great offers below (*)

Welcome to Physiologic’s Affiliate Rewards Program


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We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals.


1. PHYSIOTHERAPY – Initial Physiotherapy consult (*)

A) Comprehensive Assessment istock-480694662-opt-300x200
– assessment any underlying causes of your current injury
– detailed plan outlining your road to recovery to achieve your goals
– detailed musculo-skeletal screening to assess your current “injury risk factor” based on orthopaedic tests
B) On the day treatment 
– treatment directed at your symptoms so that you walk out with the immediate relief you require
C) Take home our body rehab kit for FREE (spikey ball and theraband)

(*) Mention this Rewards program and you’ll get your initial consult for just $96 – health fund members are welcome to swipe their card with our hicaps machine.

(All of the above valued at $245.00)

2. PHYSIOTHERAPY – Subsequent Physiotherapy consult (*)

A) Comprehensive Treatment istock-480694662-opt-300x200
– On-going treatment including manual therapy to reduce pain
– Exercise therapy for long term results

Only $89.00 / session for the lifetime of your condition (valued at $120.00)


2. REMEDIAL MASSAGE – Bonus 30 minutes (*)

Our first class remedial massage therapist offers a fully integrated treatment approach as part of our team omassage picturef expert physios.

With a strong culture of excellence and a huge passion for work,  focus will be on re-balancing the body, restoring optimal function and addressing the underlying causes of imbalance to achieve long-lasting physical outcomes. Specialising in the treatment of chronic conditions as well as improving athletic performance and preventing injuries.


(*) Mention this rewards program to get a 90 minute initial consultation for the price of 60 minutes.

3. SPECIALITY SERVICES – 15% off any of our specialty services

A) Running performance / injury sessionNon-scissors
– Want to run without pain? Want to run faster using less energy?
Dave Coombs is our expert running Physio and Level 2 Running Coach. Dave has helped thousands of runners get back to running pain free. He is an ultra marathon runner and multipe winner of the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge over 96km.

B) Golf performance / injury session
– Want to hit it longer? Sick of getting a sore back when you play and practice golf?
– Golf Australia and Golf Queensland Academy of Sport Physio Josh Meyer will get your body – your most valuable asset working to hit the ball pain free every time

C) Cycling performance / injury session
– Do you get uncomfortable on your bike, knee pain, sore back/neck?
– Finding your legs burning out too quickly ? It’s likely that your body doesn’t fit your bike
– We understand how to set your bike up around your body to get you riding pain free and more efficiently
– Bike fit/set-up and physical screening during this session with Associate Physio Tim Rigby

D) Metabolic AssessmentsVO2max Test
– Cutting edge technology previously only available to professional athletes is now available to you! Now you can learn detailed information about your metabolism to improve your health, fitness and performance.
– Maximise your fat burning, understand how to get more sustainable weight loss, optimise energy levels, correct calorie intake, save time & maximise training effect, improve performance, improve fuel efficiency and choose correct exercise for your metabolism. Click here to learn more.

4. CLASSES (PhysioCore / Bones and Balance) -1 Week Free

PhysioCore classes

– Come and join our PhysioCore classes with Therese Fossheim.Pilates group BW

– Our experience allows us to cater for everyone. By providing different exercise options within the class, we cater to all levels of physical ability and aim to challenge each person within their current capabilities. We understand that each person will have a different reason for joining our PhysioCore class and our aim is to tailor classes to your individual goals.


Bones and Balance – Bone health classesFullSizeRender(8 BW)

– Specific physiotherapy classes with Adam Shaw tailored for people who either suffer from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis / osteopaenia

– We focus on regaining function, getting stronger, balance and preventing falls

– Stay healthy as you get older


As a bonus, attending a Physio-run class means that you may also be eligible for private health rebates, reducing your out of pocket expense.
Small class sizes. No-one likes to be just a face in the crowd and small classes mean more attention on you and your movement.
4. PERSONAL TRAINING - Free initial consult
(*) Special Conditions

Special Conditions for all of the above offers;
– Offers for new clients only
– Only available with selected Physiotherapists
– Offers are available upon mentioning the “Physiologic affiliate rewards program” when booking
– Offers valid to current members of the following organisations – click here to see our affiliations

Please note: The above offers may be changed at any time